The Mariah Project

Awe is developing the mariah wind projects in texas. The projects are located in parmer county and will sum up to around 10,000 mw when fully developed and constructed.

Scandia Wind LLC

​Scandia Wind was formed in 2009, when a local progressive man, Jim B. Swafford, and local farmers thought that the ever-blowing wind in their area should be put to use. Alpha Wind Energy was invited to join. The conditions were found to be excellent in just about all matters. Nice strong wind – one of the best in the US – few farms and dwellings in the countryside and flat, open farmland with no trees or other obstacles and electrical grid relatively close by. No environmental issues. 

And the area needed a new crop, as irrigation is necessary for growing good crops here and the ground water is depleting. In addition the community could use a better tax base.

Scandia Wind LLC, owned by locals and Alpha Wind Energy, was started, efforts and resources were put into development, wind measurements and other factfinding. The farmers interest to participate proved to be overwhelming and today we have land for more than 10.000 MW of wind- and solarPV energy generation facilities. Detailed development of the areas are taking place. Several projects are ready to build. A few projects are sold and 230 MW have been built. + 10,000 MW combined wind and solarPV is realistic in Palmer County. 

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