• Our Main markets

    AWE's current focal areas
  • Our Main markets

    AWE's current focal areas

Main markets

Texas Wind Projects:
AWE is developing the Mariah projects in Texas. The projects are located in Sherman, Dallam and Parmer counties.

The Mariah Project:
Via its ownership in Scandia Wind LLC, AWE is the major shareholder (82%) in the Mariah Project in Texas, an ambitious project of up to 10,000 MW. More than 400,000 acres of attractive land in the northern part of Texas have been leased.
Construction permission has been obtained and grid connection for the first 1,200 MW in Parmer County is secured and several years of wind data have been gathered. Wind speeds are very good, giving a very high capacity factor of the installed projects. The first 600MW have been sold and of these, 230MW are built.

Texas Solar PV projects:
As solar PV has become less costly and its generation profile fits the wind regime in Texas quite good – there is less wind during the time when there is most sun – AWE has identified a series of unique project locations for efficient solar PV projects. +10 projects are under development at various locations in Texas.

The Hawaii Offshore Project:
Alpha Wind Energy has made a very extensive application for Ocean Leases for two ea. 400MW projects close to the Island of Oahu in Hawaii. The projects and the technology used, will assist Hawaii in becoming self-supplied with energy from renewable sources as well as manufacturing and construction jobs during the construction period of the project and O&M jobs thereafter. The application to the BOEM has been deemed complete. For more information please google “Alpha Wind Hawaii” or simply follow these links: 


"The AWE partners have been associated with the wind industry for more than 25 years and have worked as consultants, project managers and technical experts in the international business environment."