The AWE partners have been associated with the wind industry for more than 20 years and have worked as project managers and technical experts in the international business environment.

Jens Børsting Petersen, CEO
Phone: (+45) 7020 0860 / (+45) 2129 7098
CV: Jens Børsting Petersen

Egon Veisig Poulsen, CTO and Chairman of the Board
Phone: (+45) 4030 3819
CV: Egon Veisig Poulsen

Klavs Andersen, COO and Manager Wind Resources
Phone: (+45) 6574 6850
CV: Klavs Andersen

Malgorzata Ostrowska, Deputy Director of AWPol
Phone: (+48) 061 814-1921
CV: Malgorzata Ostrowska

Kirsten Persson Kristensen, Management Secretary
Phone: (+45) 87 50 22 23 (direct)
CV: Kirsten Persson Kristensen

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